CARDzees zigzag greeting card kit cover Vintage Vibe
CARDzees zigzag greeting card kit cover Vintage Vibe Hand holding a CARDzees zigzag greeting card-sample-Vintage Vibe VINTAGE VIBE - CARDzees DIY Zigzag Greeting Card Kit

The CARDzees Zigzag Greeting Card Kit is the perfect choice for any handmade greeting card maker.

This modular greeting card can be assembled to make a square, or an accordion greeting card that will wow your lucky recipient. Impress your friends and family with truly unique cards that look like they were made by a pro! 🤩

This is a DIY product. Actual colors may vary from your monitor. This product is not recommended for children. 

CARDzees concept is patented. For personal use only. CARDzees™ owned by Blingbebe Greetings. ©2022 Blingbebe Greetings. 

  • 3 - pages of curated illustrations designed for CARDzees to decorate panels. These are printed on sticker paper and are NOT pre-cut.
  • 16 - CARDzees panels, 5 x 4", 130# premium card stock that is printed with a soft palette pattern on one side, reverse side is white. Other than the pattern, the panels are blank.
  • 4 - envelopes
  • Makes 4 CARDzees zigzag greeting cards

Actual colours may vary from your device. Not recommended for children.

Here are just a few examples of some of the endless combinations that you can make.

The ultimate medium to create handmade greeting cards. Fun to make and even better to receive!

CARDzees™ are interlocking die-cut panels that form zigzag or square dimensional greeting cards. A set of 4 panels connect together to make a fun, unique greeting card that will delight and surprise. The best part is that they'll be displayed and talked about long after the party is over as they are collectible and do double duty as home decor. 

More pics and explainer video here....